The Eco.Office – our company headquarters in Kösching

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init consulting AG specializes in the implementation of SAP Business One and ELO document management software for business management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In particular, init consulting AG provides its own solutions in this area to every sector, including the automotive, plant and mechanical engineering, metal construction, retail, and project service sectors.
init consulting AG also supports internationally active groups as an SAP Business One GoldPartner.

In November 2016, we moved into our new company building, Eco.Office in Kösching near Ingolstadt. Planning the new building involved concepts that led us to completely redevelop and reimagine the energetic and ecological aspects of our project.

We are proud of the Eco.Office, our new company headquarters with 2,500 square meters of office space. A lot of passion went into planning these new headquarters to ensure that our team feels completely at home in the future.

To recognize the successful combination of sustainable ideas of the new building, init consulting AG has applied for the 11th German sustainability award.

The 11th German sustainability award

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init consulting is applying with their project
“Holz100 Eco, Work & Live Office”

As SAP Business One Partners, we are excited to present a successful combination of energy-saving and ecologically friendly ideals.

The German Sustainability Award is the biggest award in Europe for ecological and social commitment, recognizing excellence in the categories of economics, research, architecture, and municipalities.
In collaboration with the federal government, the foundation has been promoting and reinforcing the visions of its ambitious participants as role models since 2008.

This singular vision led us to combine the construction of the new init consulting company building with ecological and economic objectives and targeted employee satisfaction. It was already clear to company management that every investment made in our future would pay off.

Saving heating costs with solid wood construction

The solid wood construction specially developed for our company building is characterized by excellent insulating properties that prevent rapid temperature fluctuations inside the building and maintain a balanced indoor climate. The outer facade is made entirely from cedarwood, harvested in Austria under a full moon. Among other things, the efficient thermal insulation ensures that the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees above zero, even over the winter when the building is not heated.

The interior areas of the init consulting AG building are fully furnished with wooden walls with a sophisticated layered design. They are coated with a specially prepared whitewash mixture to create a bright and friendly atmosphere in the office space.

The entire construction project was conducted in accordance with the strictest ecological criteria. A “green building” where every aspect of sustainable construction is represented:

Final energy requirements (heat) 15 kWh/(m²·a)

This means that the annual primary energy requirement is just 14 percent that of a typical equivalent new building.

Final energy requirements (electricity) 27 kWh/(m²·a)

The solar panels and combined heat and power (CHP) plant produce 150,000 kWh/(m²·a) every year.

Speaking of energy generation

As well as the ideal energy-saving properties of the insulation, energy is generated by the dedicated solar panel system. The countless solar cells on the roof and restaurant canopy of init consulting AG generate enough electricity to power the building completely independently over the summer months. But that’s not all. Our dedicated car park has 50 parking spaces fully equipped with electric charging stations that can be used by employees with electric cars.

Ecology in harmony with tradition

Striking a harmony between ecological ideals and the charm of tradition is important to company management. Wherever possible, most of the offices are furnished with period furniture that is 40 to 60 years old. We have rolling filing cabinets that were still being used at the Deutsche Bank headquarters 20 years ago, and 70-year-old lamps, which create a cozy atmosphere in the company canteen

Satisfied employees identify with their employer

“Togetherness” is very important at init consulting AG and is a key aspect of our submission for the 11th German sustainability award. By involving our employees in the design of our rooms, we established a balanced concept that harmoniously unites sustainability and work-life balance. 

Hotel-style rooms for employees coming from elsewhere, a modern gym, a 25-meter outside pool, and a dedicated company restaurant with a covered terrace and chef. 

Based on this vision, the offices of the SAP Business One Partners init consulting AG have sustainably realized the “bigger picture” in an exemplary and unique form. 

The new Eco.Office can be found close to the Autobahn at the A9 Lenting exit.

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Facts about the project “Holz100 Eco, Work & Live Office” submitted for the “Sustainable Building” DGNB award.


  • “Holz100” fully wooden office building with Pavatex insulation.
  • Cedarwood facade.
  • All interior walls and wooden ceilings are exclusively made of whitewashed solid wood.
  • All 50 parking spaces are fully equipped to support electromobility.
  • Positive energy balance with solar panels and CHP (140,000 kWh per year).
  • TESVOLT battery storage.
  • KfW 55 funding (no other plans for commercial buildings).

Design concept

  • The facade, made from cedarwood and 3D stainless steel panels from FIELITZ, provides a long-lasting and attractive outward appearance.
  • Whitewashed wooden walls, wooden ceilings, and door create a very pleasant indoor climate. The large windows and high ceilings, including open room designs with plenty of opportunities to retreat privately, were designed collaboratively with the employees of the company to produce a welcoming working atmosphere.
  • Special emphasis was placed on combining old and new. Desks, cupboards, chairs, sofas, and lighting – sometimes up to 60 years old.


  • Except for the insulation in the basement, exclusively ecologically friendly materials were used. The “Holz100” building is made from 100% solid wood, without chemicals, wood glue, or solvents.
  • The whitewashed wooden interior walls and ceilings, natural stone floors, linoleum coverings, and so on, ensure a high level of well-being.
  • Large, excellently insulated windows with a glass U-value of 0.6W/m²K.
  • Full LED lighting.
  • Solar panels:
    It would be impossible to replace fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal without solar panels. That’s why the Eco.Office also generates around 90,000 kWh of renewable electricity per year with its solar panel system. Another 60,000 kWh are planned by adding roofing over the parking areas.
  • CHP (completed 04/2018):
    The combined heat and power plant of the Eco.Office generates electricity and heat for the central heating and the sports pool from November to March.
  • Wolf Bavaria Power Floor Öko Plus for underfloor heating.
  • This floating underfloor heating allows each room to be controlled very individually. Even at outside temperatures of minus 10 degrees, daytime heating from 7am to 2pm is enough.
  • Outside of business hours, the building is completely unheated. Thanks to the excellent properties of solid wood, the temperature doesn’t drop below 15 degrees, even in winter after 14 days without heating.
  • In the first year, the heating costs of the Eco.Office were just €1.09 / m², which corresponds to around €2,500 for the entire building.


  • “Holz100” fully wooden office building.
  • Pavatex wood fiber insulation boards.
  • The building is completely unheated when empty (up to 14 days over the Christmas holidays).
  • Long-lasting facade made from cedarwood.
  • Excellently insulated Gaulhofer wood/aluminum windows with a glass U-value of 0.6W/m²K.
  • All 50 parking spaces are fully equipped to support electromobility.
  • Positive energy balance with solar panels and CHP (140,000 kWh per year).
  • Another 60,000 kWh are already planned to prepare for the switch to electromobility.
  • TESVOLT battery storage to cover electricity consumption at night.
  • Air conditioning with floor cooling and an air heat pump (only required during extended periods of heat).
  • Full LED lighting
  • No employee fluctuations due to high employee satisfaction.
  • Healthy employees thanks to sport and healthy eating.


  • Every employee of init consulting AG was involved in the planning process. Their suggestions and remarks were taken on board and incorporated into the project.
  • Highlights that were implemented:
    • Every employee of init consulting AG was involved in the planning process. Their suggestions and remarks were taken on board and incorporated into the project.
    • Gym, cycling studio, and a 25-meter sports pool with an electric thermal cover that can be used all year round.
    • High-quality staff restaurant with a dedicated chef and freshly bought groceries every day. A combination of system catering (Vapiano) and online preordering ensures that there is no waste!
    • Large covered terrace and garden area.
    • Quiet areas and hotel rooms for employees.
    • Green garden and terrace area.
    • BBQ grill and games console for employees spending the night in the single rooms of the Eco.Office.
    • Lots of natural and whitewashed wooden surfaces, height-adjustable desks, high-quality Vitra office chairs, a sophisticated LED lighting system, wooden soundproofed walls, and underfoot air conditioning ensure a pleasant room climate and excellent working conditions.